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Many times I wondered if one day I would have had the strength to share my fulfilling experience with someone. Yes ... this is what I want to tell you about, how to get in touch with nature and art through the most abundant element, yet rare for its essence, its colors, its flexibility and its radiant simple beauty: the sand. 
My name is Pietro and I was born in Sorrento on the first day of September 1967. 
I spent my childhood in that place full of light and sea, and Rome, the city where my family decided to move later. My training in technical studies and sociology has nothing to do with art or with anything that might remotely resemble it other than by an extreme effort of imagination. Nevertheless, I always had in my mind the image of a sunset over the sea, scenes of fishing and village fairs full of good and simple smells, almost always a window open on the Marina Grande of Sorrento. I tried in every way to externalize these feelings and my opportunity came when, still very young, I was impressed by the wonderful opportunities that a canvas could provide for the realization of my goal. Watching closely the work and dedication of an artist with expectations on his white sheet, and observing the symbolic expressions often arising on his face because of sensations and reality, was for me the key to open that world and see it materializing into an image. The smell of colors in an art studio, the confusion of a color palette and the white silhouette of a canvas touched me inwardly and convinced me that it was the way to deliver the best images crowding my mind. 
It happened in Capranica (near Rome) when I met Michele Montanaro a wonderful artist and a lovely person from whom I gained the momentum necessary to get to work. I then began to study the technique to make the first clumsy steps in the art world. Many wasted canvasses accompanied the disappointment at realizing the difficulty of fully interpreting my will. Then over time I began to appreciate that besides the drawings, increasingly perfected in exposure, I could also give different meanings even to the simplest objects that I painted.  Suddenly a house became "my privacy", the face of a child "the image of innocence”, the body of a woman" love and desire” and the roofs of houses “silent witnesses of common life ".

It was more or less in those years, during a trip to the U.S., that I came across a beautiful beach where the colors and reflections so violently struck my mind and my eyes to make me think: "Here they are .... the colors I would  love for  my canvasses: bright and vivid as this sand, like the silvery reflections  in the eyes." 
With that thought I took a bit of that sand with me and began fantasizing about what I would do. Since I still needed other colors, I spread the word among my friends, relatives and acquaintances, asking them to bring back from their trips some sand for my collection. 

The result is a fantastic collection of approximately 700 samples I invite you to visit and to which you can contribute by enriching it with other colors witnessing your suggestions, a testimony of the nature and its endless possibilities.


In recent years he has participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions being widely supported by public and official critic recognition.

His works have been published in the following books:

-  "Percorsi Critici nell'Arte Contemporanea" by Antonio Sorgente, published by Caramanica Edizione, 2012

- "Itinerari d'Arte Contemporanea" by Daniel Radini Tedeschi, published by Edizione Rosa dei Venti, 2011

- "Fiori di Agave sulla collina delle fate" by Sandro Capodiferro, published by Edizioni Libreria Croce, 2011

- "Storie da un sogno" by Sandro Capodiferro, published by Edizioni Libreria Croce, 2010.

Since 2009 he is
member of the Italian Painters and Sculptors Association

In December
2010 he founded an Art movement called En-Sablismo published in the journal "The Art Newspaper"

Well ... find out... venture into the ocher shades of the Sahara desert, the carmine red of Wadi Rum, the Fuili è Mare intense gray and the warm tones of New Zealand.
… And while you're there enjoy the paintings. ... What do they suggest and what do they want to communicate? ... Life is just a game to figure out, come and play it as well...
I will be waiting for you
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